Possible Designs


Platform Unit

Easily fitted by you or a member of our servce team. This platform floor unit with removable basket side rails can be purchased online and delivered to you absolutely hassle free. Slido Floor is extremely durable and comes with a 1 year guarantee on all models.

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Construction Unit

Introducing a range of designs to the meet the needs of a variety of trades in the construction industry such as Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters etc. These custom designs are manufactured especially for pickups, 4x4's and any commercial vehicle. Using the latest CAD design software our engineers can design a solution to suit your vehicle or industry and meet all your requirements. Slido Floors are made in standard sizes from 3’ to 10‘ in 6 inch increments. Custom sizes can be built for special applications.

Sales Display

Sales Display Unit

The Cargo Frame provides complete access to three sides when the unit is extended. Custom cargo carriers can be designed with side pockets, custom shelving, fold down tables, or a host of other options. Sheet metal utility boxes are also available. (Platforms, utility boxes and custom cargo carriers are not included in the Frame Assembly prices. They must be ordered separately. The customer is free to design their own platform and cargo carriers if they so choose.)

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Slido Floor recognises that the quality standards and level of service required to meet the demands of the Emergency Services are of the utmost importance. Slido Floor are a leading company who design, manufacture and install workshop and storage equipment into a wide variety of vehicles and trailers who will ensure all your equipment is at your fingertips in those vital situations where every second counts.


Farrier Unit

Slido Floor dramatically reduces time spent searching for tools and parts. Truck storage becomes a snap. With Slido Floor, you can utilize a much greater portion of your cargo space allowing you to use your vehicle more effectively. With your working platform extended from the vehicle, you can easily see what you have or what you need to stock to do your job effectively. With both feet firmly on the ground, bumps and strains that can cause injury are greatly reduced.

Courier and Deliveries

Courier & Delivery Unit

Slido Floor guarantees your satisfaction. Purchase an Slido Floor and use it for at least one month. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, Slido Floor Company will refund your purchase price less original shipping cost. You will be responsible for the shipping costs to return the unit to Slido Floor, Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland. Certain limitations and exclusions apply. Refunds on custom designed shelving is excluded.


Slido Floor is a storage & racking system for commercial vehicles that acts as a drawer that slides out to provide over 100% extension of the total length of the vehicle floor.

It is a 3-stage telescopic unit so in return utilizes space and provides easy access to all the contents of your vehicle without ever having to enter our vehicle.

In promoting health & safety and in the work place slido floor can help reduce injury by providing finger tip access to all materials whatever they maybe.